Magento Codepools


The Magento application contains 3 codepools. Core is reserved for the base classes written by the Core Magento developers. When you want to extend or change the functionality of these classes, you do so by over-riding these classes in your code located in one of the other 2 codepools. Changes to code should never be made in the Core codepool because they may be lost when Magento is upgraded. The Community code pool is where third-party modules, such as the ones downloaded from Magento Connect, can be found. The Local codepool is where any other kind of modification, extension or core (or community) overrides should take place. The Local code pool is loaded first and is the place for changes that need to be made to a specific site or to modify/extend/override what is in the Core or Community codepool.

codepoolconfigDuring the bootstrap, Magento first checks the local codepool for include files, then checks community, and then core. Magento reads a module’s configuration file, looking in the block, to notify the system where to find module code. The module’s configuration file is located in /app/etc/modules.

/app/Mage.php defines the pathing for the three code pools.

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