Magento 2 Get Paths Programatically

Looking for Mage::getBaseUrl in Magento 2?
Use the DirectoryList class in your constructor to get an instance of DirectoryList.

Magento\Framework\App\Filesystem\DirectoryList $directory_list

For getting your Magento 2 root folder you can use


For getting media folder you can use



Other possible uses are:

/* Get app folder */
/* Get configuration folder */
/* Get libraries or third-party components folder */
/* Get libraries/components that need to be accessible publicly through web-server folder */
/* Get public folder */
/* Get static folder */
/* Get var folder */
/* Get temporary files folder */
/* Get file system caching directory (if file system caching is used) */
/* Get logs of system messages and errors */
/* Get file system session directory (if file system session storage is used) */
/* Get directory for Setup application*/
/* Get Dependency injection related file directory */
/* Relative directory key for generated code*/
/* Temporary directory for uploading files by end-user */
/* Directory to store composer related files (config, cache etc.) in case if composer runs by Magento Application */
/* A suffix for temporary materialization directory where pre-processed files will be written (if necessary) */
/* Get template minification dir */

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