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Featured Articles

This module allows you to construct a list of articles by section, category, or article ID (similar to Latest News). It relies on the GD libraries, so make sure you have that configured in your web server’s php if you want to use the image feature of this module.

You have the option to also display the list with a thumbnail of the first image in the article itself.

The module comes with 3 style displays defined already: joomla, style, style2.

To modify any of the layouts, edit the style files in /modules/mod_featuredarticles/styles

To add your own style, place the css in /modules/mod_featuredarticles/styles and add a parameter for it in /modules/mod_featuredarticles/mod_featuredarticles.xml:

       <param name=”css_sheet” type=”radio” default=”style” label=”CSS Style” description=”CSS Style”>
<option value=”joomla”>joomla</option>
<option value=”style”>style</option>
<option value=”style2″>style2</option>


If your images don’t show, check that you have GD library support in php. You can find out by creating a blank page, showme.php, in your server’s root and putting in this line:

 <?php phpinfo(); ?>

Also, you may need to set the path in the module parameters to be the entire server path. Instead of images/stories it might be that you need to use the full path on your server to images. In my case here it’s like /n/o/d/nodwell/public_html/images/stories.

If you have GD enabled and a full path still won’t get you images, using FireFox, right click the image text and choose Show Image and see what it says when it opens up the next window. If it says “Error: the cache directory is not readable” you probably need to contact technical support at that host to resolve things.

Sample Implementations

Featured Articles: style

















Featured Articles: joomla








Featured Articles: style2

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