I’ve installed the BreezingForms modules from crosstec. My overall impression is that the interface is a bit clunky, but it seems to provide an easy way to integrate a custom form on your Joomla! site by placing a form as a menu item, as a content item, or in a module position.

Now, when I try to open one of the sample forms, I’m getting the following message:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method JSite::getSiteURL() in /…./…../html/components/com_facileforms/facileforms.class.php on line 133

Fortunately the crosstec forums had a solution to that problem.

It took me a while to create my first form. Well, creating the form was simple, but adding fields was not immediately intuitive.

I created my first form, but there’s an issue with it. It saves the user data (IP address, browser info) but none of the data fields. Table *_facileforms_records has data, *_facileforms_subrecords does not. The email doesn’t return the data either, just the browser records.

A quick search of the forums, indicates I’m not the only one who has ever run into this problem. Hopefully, after some more coffee, I’ll find out what the deal is.

Ah ….. coffee!

I tested adding the form to a menu item, and I think that was the easiest menu item addition I’ve ever made.

I tried a sample form, and it was storing all the right data in the database, so it’s not a problem with the BreezingForm plugin necessarily. Since my new form was not in a package, I tried making one to put it in. I generated the .xml file but wasn’t entirely sure what to do with it, so I just put my new form in the Samples package. It still doesn’t store field data in the database. There’s something different about my newly created form from the Samples package forms, but I’m not quite sure what it is.

Aha! Proving once again that trying new modules at 3:00 am can lead to less-than-perfect results, I’ve resolved the issue of data not storing in the database. I had given the text labels the same name as the input fields. I appended “_label” to my text field names, and the form worked like it should. 

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