Template Module Locations

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The sample templates you see on our template demo site include far more modules and module stylings than you will likely use on your own web site. They are done that way to give you an idea of the different possibilities available in each template. Our custom templates give you exactly what you need, where you need it

Our templates have just enough module locations to let you lay out anything you might need and not so many that it's all cluttered up and over-done.

This diagram of our basic layout design shows you the modules and their locations you might find in one of our custom Joomla! templates.






Modules which have nothing assigned to them will collapse, so you don't have to use every module on every page. In fact, you probably don't want to.

Some layouts have a taller left module, some have the header and hornav reversed, some combine left and right or put them both on the right, but this is the general structure behind out Open Source CMS custom template layouts.